55 Bungee Ramen

Dining in Hanok restaurant where luxury and traditional come together with classic dining atmosphere. Those who bask in tradition will now get their lists fulfilled as the all-time favourite, Ramen is now available in the Hanok-style restaurant.

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The restaurant looks familiar, right? You’re right, this restaurant is often shown on the TV program and lots of artists went for a try as well. A warm reminder to go earlier to avoid a long queue during the weekend because it is really famous.

Previously the restaurant is for resident but now converted to a Ramen restaurant named ‘55 Bungee Ramen‘. If you realised, the name is actually originated from the street name.

Korean called “ramen” as instant noodle but this Korean style ramen is not the normal instant noodle with MSG (seasoning) that we used to have. The uniqueness of the Ramen is Hanwoo (beef) bones are boiled in soup and home-made seasoning are added.

Thumbs up for the great food with a great price and a great atmosphere.

Location: 55-1 Hwa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul.
Operating Hours: 11:00~21:00