BamBam disclosed that he gave presents to his family with his earnings as a GOT7 member!
He was called on MBC Radio FM4U’s ‘Two O’Clock Date With Ji Suk Jin’.

During the show, he was asked if BamBam was his real name, where he revealed, “Usually Thai people have two names.

There’s the name that you chose and the name on documents. BamBam is what people used to call me, but my name is Kunpimook Bhuwakul.”
He was asked then if he wanted to repay anyone he was grateful to, BamBam said, “I have so many people I would like to give thanks to. I can finally give back to people I’ve been thankful for ever since debut.

I bought my parents a house, and bought my younger sister a car. When we get bigger, I want to give gifts to the label employees who worked hard for us.”