Various commentaries by fans on photos uploaded by NCT group.
Fans of NCT have been chatting online with regards to the photo taken by the group , roaming the web.
Recently, singer/song writer G-Soul revealed that NCT’s Seoul unit NCT 127 would be making a comeback, and the recent photo does assures all 7 of the NCT 127 members.

However, fans are confused as to whether or not NCT U members Ten and Doyoung will be participating NCT 127 for this supposed comeback!
While some netizens are pondering over the prospect of Ten and Doyoung joining NCT 127, others made their side comments,”Heol, Jaehyun is blonde”, “Hurry up and come back TT the hair colors are so fancy.. please let their outfits be better!”, “Donghyuk’s bangs kekekeke”, “But what about Johnny, Hansol, and Kun?”, etc.