Jin Goo explained the uniqueness of his role in the upcoming MBC drama ‘Illumination’.

On November 17 press conference for the new series ,Jin Goo was asked about the very popular hit drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ in which he played Seo Dae Young.

Jin Goo commented and said, “My former drama did great, but it wasn’t only because of me. It’s all because the production, script, and actors all worked hard together. I hope there’ll be good outcome once again if we trust the director, script, and co-stars.”

Jin Goo also discussed about his new character Park Gun Woo, explaining, “The characteristics of Sergeant Seo and the ones of Park Gun Woo are both similar to my real self, so it wasn’t especially difficult.”

He then discussed the differences in the two and said, “Park Gun Woo looks in the eyes of the people more than Sergeant Seo when communicating, and he also knows how to cling to women a bit more. I think that’s their differences.”

‘Illumination’ starring Jin Goo, Lee Yo Won, and UEE is airing every Mon-Tues starting November 21.