Eunji and Chorong shared about their loneliest time they have ever experienced

The two were special DJs for ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’ while the original DJ were off.

The two A Pink members shared about when they experienced the loneliest as if no one else in the world was on their side.

Eunji confessed about how she felt lonely towards her family, saying, “Once, I called my mom to ask her to buy me something. I talked to her over the phone, and my mom thought I’d hung up, but I didn’t.

My mom said, ‘She’s like the king [ordering me around] instead of my daughter’ thinking that I’d already hung up.”
Chorong commented, “The A Pink members are really bright, and they hang out a lot outside. I am not that kind of person, I have a different personality, so I get lonely when I eat all alone by myself in the dorms.” Eunji confirmed, “Chorong is a homebody, so she doesn’t go out with us often.”