MBC’s upcoming new variety show to appear as first guests are, ‘Secretly, Greatly’, are AOA’s Seolhyun and singer Lee Juk!

‘Secretly, Greatly’ will be getting ‘Real Men’s broadcasting spot, and with an updated version of ‘Hidden Camera’ which was a hit variety show hosted by comedian Lee Kyung Kyu in the 90’s. In the first episode of ‘Secretly, Greatly’, Seolhyun and Lee Juk will be the focus of hidden camera pranks.

The show revealed ,”It’s true that Lee Juk and Seolhyun are to appear as the first guests. Because the concept is ‘Hidden Camera’, we ask that you do the checking on what’s the situation on the broadcast.”

The first episode of ‘Secretly, Greatly’ hosted by Yoon Jong Shin, Lee Soo Geun, Heechul, Lee Kuk Ju, and John Park is schedule to air December 4!