MAMAMOO’s excellent performance at the ‘2016 Blue Dragon Film Awards’ gave Jung Woo Sung and other celebrities the most pleasant surprises!

During the November 25 awards show, MAMAMOO performs on stage to sing their latest title track. It’s not just your normal “Décalcomanie” performance as MAMAMOO proficiently changed the lyrics and inserted in different lines from famous movies and also adding names of actors, making the star-studded audience laugh and smile.

One added line that particularly shocked the audience with a smile was towards Jung Woo Sung.Moon Byul, in the middle of her rap, said, “Jung Woo Sung! If you take this shot, we’re dating!” and pointed at Jung Woo Sung. At first the actor seemingly got surprised but their facial expression quickly turned into a big smile!

All the actors around Jung Woo Sung laughed and smiled as well, turning to Jung Woo Sung. The line, “If you take this shot, we’re dating,” is a line from his 2004 film, ‘A Moment to Remember.’ In the film, Jung Woo Sung says the line to Son Ye Jin as they begin to fall in love.

Good job, MAMAMOO!