Actress Uhm Ji Won’s made a comment towards Kang Don Won making netizens say that the actress was too rude!

In an interview on December 5 with the cast of upcoming film, ‘Master,’ the MC brought up the news that the movie’s showcase standing tickets were sold out in just 1 minute and the reserve seat tickets were sold out in 14 minutes. When Kang Don Won jokingly commented, “The reserved seats took a bit longer,” Uhm Ji Won responded, “You’re not humble then even after your movie flopped,” laughing.

The movie that Uhm Ji Won was pointing out was Kang Don Won’s last film, ‘Vanishing Time,’ which, despite great reviews from movie critics, unfortunately it did not do well in the box office, only bringing in about 500,000 movie goers.

After commenting on that, Uhm Ji Won also stated, “Kang Don Won doesn’t have a lot of people around him. He meets the same people. I know that Kang Don Won is kind and has a good attitude …but I think he should act humbly ,” repeating the comment on his humility.

After the interview has been aired, netizens began to criticize the actress, saying, “It was inappropriate,” “It was rude,” and, “She put down the entire movie — something that was the combined effort of many people.” While others defended her saying, “It’s a joke between two close friends,” but the debate over Uhm Ji Won’s comment continues.