Kim Namjoo

Apink’s Namjoo should keep her feet off for a while because of her injury.
Recently, Namjoo incurred a minor injury to her right ankle while rehearsing for Apink’s concert. Despite her injury, she even make it as normal as if nothing happens at the group’s concerts in Korea on December 17 and 18.
Apink’s agency Plan A Entertainment told news outlet Ilgan Sports on December 21 that “To be sure of the artist’s welfare, we plan for Namjoo to perform while seated during upcoming Japanese promotions.”
“For a speedy recovery we planned to decrease the group’s activities in Japan, but Namjoo was hesitant that they want to keep their promise to fans,” the agency added. “It’s been decided that she will wear an ankle guard on her right ankle and do all her promotions sitting down.”
At Gimpo Airport, fans were surprised and showed their concern when they saw Namjoo being pushed in a wheelchair as the group headed to Japan to promote their new Japanese album “Pink Doll”on December 21.
We pray for your fast recovery. Get well soon, Namjoo!