Gagwoman Kim Sook shared that she got a back hug from the Park Bo Gum!

On December 31, Kim Sook shared on “Cultwo Show” stating “I already did everything I want this year”. Sharing that she met a lot of celebrities she’s been wanting to see.


Kim Sook also revealed, “I also met Park Bo Gm and heard lots of great thing about him. We met at theĀ ‘Baeksang Arts Awards’ and asked him to give him a hug but couldn’t because of conflict. Kim Sook told it to Ra Miran and she stated that Park Bo Gum will surely remember that.

When Kim Sook was at the waiting room forĀ ‘Entertainment Awards’, she met Park Bo Gum and the actor rapidly back hugged her and told her that that’s the hug he couldn’t give last time.