TvN has an upcoming drama that is to be casted by Lee Jae Hoon and Shi Min Ah!

This 2017, “With You Tomorow” is set to come out. A teaser was dropped and it reveals the things to expect in the upcoming drama.

The story will talk about the life of Yoo So Joon, which will be played by Lee Jae Hoon, a wealthy time traveler. The teaser video displays his character along with the voice of Shi Min Ah’s character saying that “I married a nouveau riche time traveller”.

On the other hand, Shi Min Ah will play as Song Ma Rin. The teaser also made a revelation about her role. It is shown that Lee Hae Hoon’s character have describe himself as a man who will marry Song Ma Rin, who is an “idiotic woman”.

“With You Tomorrow” is set to be aired after “Goblin” ends. Stay tuned for more updates!