Lee Kwang Soo talked about Song Joong Ki’s cameo appearance in the new KBS web drama/sitcom ‘Sound of Heart’.

During the press conference on December 8, Lee Kwang Soo said, “Song Joong Ki immediately accepted my request for a cameo even before seeing the script. I’m very thankful for such friend.” He continued, “I really didn’t know that many female staff members existed until that scene [with Song Joong Ki]. There were also some new who I’ve never seen before.”

Director Ha Byung Hoon agreed and said, “I didn’t actually realize that we had that many staff members until when Song Joong Ki appear to the set. There were about 2 times more people than usual, and they were staring to the point that it was scary.”

He also continued, “Song Joong Ki worked very hard, and he prepared a lot. He also took pictures with all the staff members before he left. I regret not taking one with him.”

The sitcom version of ‘Sound of Heart’ will broadcast on KBS starting December 9.