Lee Seo Jin’s jokes about being ignorant on UEE’s dating life continued to make people laugh at the ‘2016 MBC Drama Awards.’

During the airing of the ‘2016 MBC Drama Awards on December 30, Lee Seo Jin was asked, “At the beginning of your drama (‘Marriage Contract’), viewers noticed that you looked at UEE having a real interest. Do you have a genuine interest on her ?” Lee Seo Jin answered, “Of course, I did. Because I didn’t know she had a boyfriend then.”

This joke has been an ongoing from the start when starred in ‘Marriage Contract’ together, during which the news of UEE dating fellow actor Lee Sang Yoon made headlines.

UEE replied to Lee Seo Jin’s joke by saying, “Please stop that,” laughing while jokingly hitting the interviewer. When the interviewer asked UEE about her thoughts on her daesang nomination, she answered, “I hope Lee Seo Jin oppa gets the award.”