Minho opened up how his family and close friends reacted to his first lead role in film ‘Two Men’.

In the movie, Minho played a troubled, runaway teen wherein the idol star even had to learn how to smoke to perfect the role.

When he was asked if his parents and fellow members watched the movie, Minho answered, “My mom questioned me why I didn’t tell her because there are scenes where I smoke and get tortured. She was like, ‘Mommy has a weak heart. Why didn’t you tell me ahead of time?’ On the other hand, my dad is blunt so he just said, ‘You worked hard. Good job’.”

As for SHINee, Minho stated, “The members had schedules overseas so Onew hyung was the only one who watched it. He honestly said to me, ‘You did well. You worked hard. I’m proud that you are my dongsaeng’, and that made me really happy. Such encouraging words became a great support to me.”

He also added, “In Girls’ Generation, YoonA noona and Sooyoung noona watched it. We’ve known each other since before debut so they were more caring when watching. The noonas were afraid that my image might be harmed by my movie character but they gave me compliments. They commented that they didn’t know it was an action noir but it fits me well.”