Wonder Girls’s contracts with JYP Entertainment has been revealed to be coming to an end this month. The group, which is composed of Yubin, Sunmi, Yeeun, and Hyerim, celebrates their 10th anniversary this year.

Girl group started discussing their contract since last year, but it ended up as though they have still to resign.

On January 5, an insider announced that some members have been in contact with other agencies that were recommended by their friends. According to a source from one of these agencies said, “It’s true that we decided to transfer with one Wonder Girls member. Since their contract has not expired yet, so it is hard to reveal anything since we are still in negotiation.”

Another source close to the members said, “There’s a member who is finding for a work place that will support her musically and there’s another member who is looking for a company who will support her branching out into acting and being an MC.”

Also a source from JYP Entertainment said, “No renewal of contract has been decided yet. We have postponed our discussions due to Yubin’s father passing away last month. We still don’t know whether the members have been searching for other agencies.”

In 2007 the Wonder Girls debuted with the song “Irony” and made their most recent comeback with “Why So Lonely.”