On the January 4 episode of KBS CoolFM’s “Lee Hong Ki’s Kiss the Radio,” actor Gong Myung discussed about dating, significant others, and of course, his “We Got Married” partner Jung Hye Sung.

At first the actor revealed that when he is dating, he thinks his partner’s truthful feelings are the most important factor. He explained, “It’s important that I can believe and have faith in their feelings.”

After listening to his reply, Lee Hong Ki then playfully asked, “What is your virtual wife Jung Hye Sung like?”

“Actually she’s a warm person even in private setting not just when we’re filming,” Gong Myung answered. Then the actor added that she’s “somehow not just a cute person,” Lee Hong Ki swept in once more.

The FTISLAND member jokingly asked question, “Does she often seem sexy to you then?”

Casually laughing it off, Gong Myung responded and once again said that “She’s just a good person who’s really warmhearted.”
Check out this couple’s adorable chemistry on the latest episode of MBC’s “We Got Married”.