BEAST's Doojoon

Doojoon discussed about being an idol.

He had already shoot ‘Going Around the World Through Package Deals’. During the show, Kim Sung Joo shared, “I don’t think being an idol is that great as it seems,” because Doojoon had to filter all the things that will come out from his mouth and could not speak honestly.

With that, Doojoon responded, “I’ve never regretted becoming an idol. It’s a an enjoyable job that I want.” When Kim Sung Joo questioned him, “If you have a son, will you let him enter this industry to be an idol? he answered firmly, “I’d never.”

He commented, “It’s not that the environment changes gradually – everything changes abruptly. There’s a lot of hidden things that are different from what are shown to the people.”

The episode will air on the 31st.