BTOB fans who are known as Melody, are furious at Cube Entertainment, due to the fact that Sungjae will not be included in the reward vacation given to the cast of tvN’s ‘Goblin’.

It’s being practiced that once dramas become successful, the production cast and crew often receive reward vacations. However, when news of the cast of ‘Goblin’ heading off to Phuket, Thailand, made headlines, it was mentioned that Sungjae may have conflict in his schedule.

It was officially announced by Cube that Sungjae will be not be to attend the vacation with the rest of the ‘Goblin’ cast. The label made a statement that Sungjae was “busy with preparations for BTOB’s new album, as well as filming for SBS’s ‘Laws of the Jungle’. We are looking into adjusting his vacation time but it may seem difficult. Sungjae himself is very disappointed about the fact.”

Fans also pointed out that Sungjae, who will be visiting Sumatra, Indonesia with co -group member Peniel for the 1st half of ‘Laws of the Jungle in Sumatra’, will be departing on January 28 and will be returning on February 4. However, the cast of ‘Goblin’ will be leaving for Phuket on February 6, which Melody assumes that the schedule conflict will be due to BTOB’s album preparation plans, nothing more.

Also, according to fans, Sungjae has been working hard since last year filming for ‘Goblin’, BTOB’s Japanese promotions, concert preparations, advertisement gigs, variety shows, and more, and he deserves rest. Unfortunately, he will be off in the jungle during Lunar New Year this year, and will have to miss the reward vacation in Phuket as well.

Netizens shared their comments, “Come here Cube let me give you a smack”, “I just hope they don’t grab his ankle later when it’s time to renew his contract”, “This is too harsh”, “Vacations disappear even for a 3rd generation chaebol in Hell Cube…”, and more.