Kim Go Eun

It’s a successful tvN drama ‘Goblin’ where the actors and actress are gaining immense attention and popularity.

With this increase in interest fans came up also to dug up some old photos of actress Kim Go Eun, and netizens are awed by her unchanging beauty.

It was reported that the images are from Kim Go Eun’s pre-debut days when she used to model for an online shopping site. With the photos which are from years back, Kim Go Eun shows off her cute, lovely vibe with her adorable smile.

Netizens gave their positive reactions and compliments, stating, “Natural and comfortable face hehe her smile is especially very pretty”, “Kim Go Eun’s charm is her smile.

She looked really pretty in ‘Goblin’ when she smiled”, “She looks the same~”, “So cute.” Her beauty stays the same…