On January 23, Park Bo Gum shared his time with about 4,000 fans in Taiwan on January 23 and on this day, his close sunbae and labelmate, Song Joong Ki, made an appearance as the special guest. During the event, Park Bo Gum described Song Joong Ki as, “The sunbae who gives me the most acting advice.”

While Song Joong Ki also talked about Park Bo Gum, and discussed why he cried when Park Bo Gum won an award at the ‘2016 KBS Drama Awards’. He said, “It was not only that I was happy that Bo Gum won but it also reminded me of the times that Bo Gum expressed his concerns about his love for acting, and I also won the same award 5 years ago so it made me think of that time too.”

And lastly, Park Bo Gum gave thanks to fans and said, “I think it’s very overwhelming to be here in your presence which gave me an encouragement to go to places which I don’t see them. I appreciate you guys for spending my youth with me.”