Poong Entertainment revealed about the plagiarism accusation regarding the rookie group B.HEART and B2ST.

Many says they can recognize B.HEART’s debut track “Realistic” is too similar to B2ST’s “Ribbon”. Poong Entertainment responded and stated, “It’s very unfortunate how B.HEART’s debut song that has been devoted by much time and being carefully prepared for, being only involved in a plagiarism controversy.

‘Realistic’ is not being plagiarized. After the thorough examination done, ‘Realistic’ and B2ST’s ‘Ribbon’, it’s true that they may sound similar depending on the person listening, but it’s difficult to define it as plagiarism.”

The label also added, “It’s not plagiarized, but we apologize for causing public concern and the fans of B.HEART. Please refrain from spreading baseless rumors and assumptions.”
Please take some time to listen to the two tracks and you sill say that its a false accusation,