Jiyeon might have delays in her comeback!

Progression on all her solo comeback has been halted, and also the release has been indefinitely postponed.

MBK Entertainment and her label had been conferring about songs and concepts – however on February 13, Star News has discovered that all work on her solo album has been canceled.

Definitely, all the previous plans of coming back in March or April were postponed.

However, it was said that one of the reasons why work on her solo release has been canceled is because of the recent re-focus on the T-ara-Hwayoung-Hyoyoung controversy.

Her label didn’t want people to think that she was using the controversy to promote her album.

Therefore, all work has been stopped until such time that everything calms down again and her album can be promoted just through the music and herself.

Hopefully, all the issues will calm down sooner so that we can see her again.