It’s like the saying goes, it’s important not to forget your roots!!

On February 10, “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2” kicked off with its first episode. Old and new members of the cast will be joining forces for another girl group project during the next few months.

On the broadcast, each of the cast members met with producer Kim Hyung Suk, who will be taking the lead with the project this time around.

During Gong Minzy’s turn, he opened up that he personally was an avid fan of 2NE1. He asked the idol why she agreed to a girl group project, when she wanted to pursue a solo career.

“I definitely thought about how people might think of me for ‘joining’ a new girl group after I left one to go solo, but I see this as an opportunity and a chance to meet good people in my life. I really thought that it would be a joy to make memories with these people,” Gong Minzy explained.

As for 2NE1, the singer shared her sincere hopes that the other three members would find greater success. After reminiscing about her time with the group, she shared “[2NE1] received so much love and support from the public. It defines my roots.”

Gong Minzy also mentioned that during the show that her original dream was to become a renown choreographer, and how she currently teaches at a dance academy.