AOA member Yuna is recovering by taking physical therapy after having an ankle injury

The singer is taking her focus on getting back to her work, having AOA’s concert in just less than a month. Last month, Yuna was seen performing while wearing an ankle brace on her right ankle after tearing a tendon.

Their first solo concert will be on March 11, even though the girls have successfully concluded their performances of ‘Angel’s Knock,’ FNC Entertainment made a statement, “Currently Yuna is receiving physical therapy treatment and is able to walk without the ankle brace. However, she is refraining from putting too much pressure on her ankle.”

Is it possible for her to be able to attend the concert with her fellow members? An insider responded, “Since it will be AOA’s first concert, Yuna will be giving her extra effort to stand on stage with her fellow members… Her role in the group is very crucial as a sub-vocalist. She has skills on the piano so you may see her singing and playing the piano at the concert.”

In the meantime, AOA will be holding their first solo concert at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park on March 11.