During the broadcast on MBC and Naver V App’s ‘Celebrity Bromance’ on February 14, .B2ST members Kikwang and Dongwoon stayed at an amusement park for a day.

After arriving at their destination, the duo decided to check out the safari first. They were surprised by the sight of wild tigers, waving at them in excitement. Then followed at a family of lions.

Kikwang shared,”I never expected to drive all the way to an amusement park.” Dongwoon agreed, “Yeah, I haven’t been to an amusement park since elementary school.” While seeing the penguins walking around, Kikwang shared his book-smart knowledge, “Did you know that penguins don’t actually have short legs.”

The two members were quite amazed by how clever the bears were, and they commented, “They are really smart. I want to toss them a cracker.”