Yesterday it was just only a glimpse, and we’re getting more photos of the pictorial. Her photoshoot bares her sexiness showing a relaxed mood. Her presence simply mean stunning!!

She addressed to fans and said, “I’m always very thankful. Honestly speaking, I’m surprised sometimes. I forgot that I was a famous person for a while, so I’m thankful and surprised that there are people still looking forward to me and being curious.”

Lee Hyori share about her comeback and said, “I wrote the lyrics as well as the melody myself, so it’ll be less flashy and smooth than my previous albums. But I think I can more accurately express what I wanted to say. I put more focus into the presence of the album itself. Im thinking of more positive things this album could bring me.”

Concerning my husband Lee Sang Soon, she said, “I realized that I forgot about myself, not taking care of myself, and I was just pushing myself. I always need to be doing something and had to be forward. My husband helped me realize I’m a precious, good person even if I don’t do that.”