On February 24 actress Han Ji Min appeared as a guest on JTBC’s ‘This Is My Home’. Better known as the ‘angel without wings’, the actress gives out to help the next unfortunate family who lived in a house without a front entrance.

Han Ji Min gave her reason for gracing the show, “I’m not sure how can I help, but as an actress, I am someone who can influence others and I am a pro to that so I decided to contribute anyhow.”

She saw a father and 15-year old daughter who were staying in a home that had been built for over 50 years. The two remained in that old house after her grandmother went to live at a nursing home.

The actress decided to paint a floral mural on the wall just thinking of Min Seoh and her grandmother. Then later on, the new house was showed and Han Ji Min presented a cut-out figure of actor Lee Jong Suk to the daughter, who is a huge fan, surprising the teenager.

“We will be living together from now on” said the daughter to her grandmother. The three family members cried as they thanked the staff and contributors for their hard work and dedication into building their new home.