On the February 24 episode of “Singderella” Red Velvet appeared as the first guest after INFINITE’s Sunggyu joined the show.
The host asked Wendy who she would choose from the four MCs if she were to be stuck in an island with him, hen she picked INFINITE’s Sunggyu.

Wendy clarified why, saying, “It’s because I still don’t know much about him yet.”

Later in the show, her interaction with Sunggyu still continues when she was debating what to show as her talent. Then later on she said and decided, “Arm wrestle?” and picked Sunggyu as her opponent.
Sunggyu told her, “I had my boxing lessons when I was young,” and demonstrated a few moves. Funny though, Wendy imitated his moves right after and received more compliments from the hosts.
Sunggyu let her arm wrestle with her left arm, which she claimed got more strength.

When the arm wrestle started, Sunggyu smiled and commented that he wasn’t sure if he should let her win or not. The MCs jokingly said that he’s taking time to continue holding hands with Wendy, which he didn’t actually deny.

After letting his arm fall a bit to her side, Sunggyu smiled and easily won the arm wrestle.
Right after the wrestling, Wendy became anxious more about her nails made marks on his hand. The other hosts became envious of her attention and asked her to look at their hand, too.