In an interview with Sports DongA, Nayeon revealed, “At first, we heard that he was going to make an appearance. But while watching the MV, we shared a screenshot of J.Y. Park PD nim in our group chat and even had it as our profile pics. (laugh)”

Dahyun continued, “Each of us lasted about an hour or longer to film a cut. But J.Y. Park pd-nim had a different energy during filming. While we’re watching him and he got an ‘OK’ in about 3 tries. Actually, not even 3. He got an ‘OK’ in only about 2 tries and finished filming.”

Nayeon gave an explanation of the scene in detail, saying, “J.Y. Park pd-nim wasn’t actually right in front of us during that scene. We were just imagining and made facial expressions of disappointment. But many commented and said that it was really realistic.” Jungyeon also commented, “PD nim shared that on SNS, too. He said we looked too disappointed. (laugh)”

Lastly, Jihyo shared the encouraging words J.Y. Park gave to TWICE. She said, “After our concert, he told us to work much better and flaunt more of our talent. He said we did well and that he’s proud of us.” When asked if he ever scolds them, TWICE revealed, “He doesn’t scold us. We haven’t heard him say bad things to us since ‘Sixteen’.”