Seventeen fans known as Carat, and TWICE fans known as Once, both demands an apology from choreographer Choi Young Joon.

Three days ago after the release of TWICE’s newest title track “Knock Knock”, Seventeen fans have mentioned that certain parts of TWICE’s choreography has similar moves and formations used by Seventeen in their songs “Pretty U”, “Adore U”, and “Very Nice”.

Seventeen fans responded that instead of pointing fingers at TWICE, they wanted to let the resemblance of moves between choreographies be known as a demand toward their choreographer Choi Young Joon, who worked with Seventeen for the choreographies of all three songs mentioned above.

Choi Young Joon was also the choreographer who was involved in past controversies regarding Seventeen’s Hoshi, who helped Choi Young Joon create many of the choreographies for Seventeen’s songs, but was given any credit for his participation.

Another comments received, Choi Young Joon had a controversy with UP10TION’s choreography before too… well it seems habitual”, “Choi Young Joon, please stop;;”, “It’s not that similar but he should still give feedback”, “Choi Young Joon again”, “What fault do TWICE and Once have, it’s all Choi Young Joon’s fault”, and more.