Just a week ago, SM Entertainment artist may have been victimized of song plagiarism by an Indian film, after EXO’s “Growl” and “Baby Don’t Cry” which made headlines by being obviously plagiarized .

The group which possibly have been plagiarized this time is none other than Super Junior, whose song “Mamacita”, and according to fans, was plagiarized by Indian film ‘Hela Mate Prema Jara’, for the film’s OST title, “Ai Ai Ai Yooo”.

However, this time, the music of the song does not seem as directly plagiarized as like the case with EXO’s music. Not only to the supposedly similar melody of “Mamacita”, the lead character in the OST MV seems to copy Super Junior’s point choreography move, consisting of using a palm to hit the side of the head repeatedly.

You can compare and see for yourselves the Indian film’s OST above with Super Junior’s “Mamacita” below.