Are you a DaraGon shipper? Well, I don’t know myself if you’ll be happy about this or not.

As we all know, a dating rumor, with Sandara Park and G-Dragon involved, made it way to the fans’ hearts heating up things with VIPs and Blackjacks. It all started when a video of G-Dragon seemingly about to kiss Dara was posted on a social media site.

About this, their entertainment spoke about it. They said that it was just a simple incident. G-Dragon himself requested Dara to try and have a picture taken of them both in a pose that is somehow like about to kiss.

They ended the statement with, “They are not dating.” Well, this ends it. If you want to ship yourself with G-Dragon then you can freely do it same as with Dara.

What’s important is that we know that they are having fun with each other’s company.