G-Dragon and Dara as the new ambassadors for 'moonshot'

Dara’s invites to Big Bang’s G-Dragon on ‘Get it Beauty 2017″!

It seems like Dara would be asking Big Bang’s G-Dragon a favor, to feature as a guest on OnStyle’s ‘Get it Beauty 2017’.

During the press conference for the beauty show on February 17, Dara’s co-host mentioned, “I believe that G-Dragon will be able to appear as a guest through Dara’s strength. It’s because Black Pink’s Jisoo was also a guest.”

Dara responded, “I can’t promise anything if G-Dragon will appear, but I’ll try.” How do you want to see G-Dragon on the show with Dara?

Get it Beauty 2017′ premieres on February 19 at 8:20PM KST.