Jin, the first ever BTS member to be on the ‘Law of the Jungle’ impresses everyone with his really, really unexpected high skills in fishing!

In the show, he and his castmates were tasked to dive into the water of Manado, Indonesia to look for something to eat for their breakfast.

In the show, cast mate, Sleepy told the truth about him not being into doing physical things. He dove with them because he wanted to help in at least in the best way he can.

Solbi then said that she always wanted to reveal a different side of her than what we saw on ‘Real Men’. She added that she wants to do things incredibly like Wonder Woman.

As for Jin, we all know that he distributed mini ARMY Bombs to serve as a light for everyone, but it’s not just that.

While they were in the water landscape, Jin decided to sit at the end of the pier and fish. It seems like he really has a talent in things like this. He proved this by managing to catch two fishes for the crew. He then made a joke that his members find old saying, “I’m this kind of person.

I don’t have anything to do with octopuses but I surely do have a connection with fishes and fishing.”