MBC drama ‘Glowing Office’ releases still cuts where INFINITE’s Hoya passed out With the latest release of still cuts from upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama ‘Glowing Office’, poor INFINITE’s Hoya caught passing out from nerves right before a job interview!

In the drama, Hoya plays the character of Jang Kang Ho, a guy whose education skills and background make him as a top notch job candidate, but sadly to say his “glass mentality”, or his tendency to let nerves get the best of him, causes him to fail repeatedly at job searching.

Hoya was seen ready for an interview , dressed in a navy suit with his parted hair of 5:5. He was praying with eyes closed and with expression as if he is like a hardened rock, and then finally, passed out while waiting for his turn in an interview.

‘Glowing Office’, starring leads Ha Suk Jin and Go Ah Sung as well as Hoya, Lee Dong Hwi, Kim Dong Wook, Sunhwa, and more, airs this March 10 at 10 PM KST.