Earlier this day, Jun.K fell off from a 3 meter (nearly 10 feet) high moving stage during day 3 of 2PM’s ‘6Nights’ concert. Immediately, the concert was stopped and there was a great shocked at the Seoul Olympic Park SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium.

Jun.K was immediately delivered to a local hospital and JYP has released a statement, “This is JYP Entertainment. Jun.K was immediately transferred to the hospital and was given a thorough examination. The examination results showed that he has suffered from fractures in his right elbow and also in the 4th finger on his right hand. He will undergo the appropriate medical treatment and is right now, he is resting and being observed by the staff members. We are sincerely sorry for not guaranteeing the safety of our artist and we deeply apologize to our artist and all the fans. We will give an update on his health in the near future.”

JYP also stated that they will do their best to take more thorough measures to prevent this from happening in the future.

We hope that Jun.K makes a full recovery as soon as possible!