Kyuhyun clarified and explained some misunderstandings about the fire in Taipei.

After the hotel incident that he was caught on fire, fans became furious at some of the staff’s actions. Then, he himself took to Twitter to explain things. He tweeted, “I think there’s a misunderstanding with the Taiwan fire.. To make the story short, I was in my room with my manager and staff to prepare the comments for my performance, and missed the timing to leave the room. We heard that the fire had been controlled, so I chose to stay in the room over going down the stairs and breathing in the smoke that way.”

He then continued, “With only the staff in my room, all the other staff evacuated following the hotel’s instructions and waited outside for 3 hours.. I think I was the one at fault because I just figured out there was not that big of a problem and we just kept staying in the hotel to work with the other staff. I don’t want to entertain problems after a good performance… Please have a good night!”

What’s your reaction with his statement? Fans don’t get mad. He is after all.