According to a report on February 24, “Actors Lee Byung Hun and Park Bo Gum are currently looking forward into aa new film ‘Ansi Fortress: Fortress of Abandoned People.'”

Set during the Goguryeo Era, ‘Ansi Fortress’ is story that depicts a battle taking place while protecting a barrier under the direction of director Kim Kwang Sik taking charge. Investment and promotion will be handled by NEW production company.

The new film is currently achieving so much attention due to two top stars being considered for the lead roles. With Lee Byung Hun starred in numerous films like ‘Inside Men’ and ‘Master’ as well as abroad in Hollywood with ‘Magnificient Seven’ while actor Park Bo Gum took the spotlight achieving much popularity in tvN’s drama ‘Reply 1988’ and KBS’s ‘Love in the Moonlight.’

It is assumed that the historical film ‘Ansi Fortress’ would indeed be a great hit with such renowned actors; However, it is still too early to say, as both Lee Byung Hun and Park Bo Gum are currently considering other projects as well.