Lovelyz had disappeared on MelOn’s real time chart due to an error that occurred on MelOn’s chart.

The girls released “WoW!” at 10PM KST and the girls were charting on the 11PM chart at #17, with the ‘new’ mark showing that the song was charting for the first time.

However, for whatever reason, Lovelyz had disappeared from the chart for the midnight chart – and the space for the 20th place had also disappeared. It wasn’t just their title song “WoW” but also other songs that previous charted, such as “Cameo”, “Emotion”, and “Morning Star” had all gone.

However at 1Am KST, the songs reentered the chart, but showed that the songs were ‘new’. Woollim Entertainment said, “We made a formal complaint regarding the matter to the distributor and expressed our disappointment about the Lovelyz disappearing from the midnight chart. We are so dismayed about what happened because the initial response was good. The distributor explained further that they were got lost due to a temporary error. We received their apology, but the members are very disappointed.”