KBS uploaded a new still cut for the upcoming drama “Perfect Wife.”

The drama is all about a tenant who meets her landlord to be casted by Shim Jae Bok (Ko So Young) and Lee Eun Hee (Jo Yeo Jeong).The two are standing close together, but it is hard to recognize what they’re thinking through their own facial expressions.

During the filming for the poster, Ko So Young and Jo Yeo Jeong did their job professionally in cooperation to the photographer’s request for them to stand closer together in order to create a more intense feeling. According to media reports, the two actresses monitored their photos together and were commending each other for the shots taken.

A staff from the production team explained, “This poster depicts the peculiar relationship between Jae Bok and Eun Hee. The two characters of these women signifies completely different atmospheres, which will lead viewers to feel a strange tension when they come across each other.”

“Perfect Wife” is set to air on February 27 as a follow-up for “Hwarang.”