It has been confirmed that there will be a two-episode extension for SBS’s “Defendant.” “Defendant” was originally scheduled to wrap up on March 14, but it will prolong for another 2 episodes ending on March 21.

The succeeding drama in line, “Whisper” (working title), will be postponed for a week and airs on March 27. SBS’s drama department stated, “We made a decision of extending the drama by two episodes for several reasons. We think that it would be impossible to complete the story in just 16 episodes only, and we also received a flood of viewers’ requests for an extension.

We will take action in response to our viewers’ support with a stronger storyline.” In the meantime, the cast of “Defendant” will get a reward vacation for achieving high viewer ratings. There’s still no exact date and place have been decided yet.

“Defendant” airs every Monday and Tuesday.