Stellar was known as the first K-pop groups to use crowdfunding site Makestar to raise funds for album releases and other projects.

With the two successful crowdfunding projects, Stellar started up again with their third one back in December for their ‘Fanspecial’ Album Project.

They rapidly hit their initial funding goal of $8,321.55 and the funds has been increasing since then. With the growth and increase of money, they have added various stretch goals. They’ve already reached the stretch goals of 500% (Yasik/”Midnight Meal” sent to Stellar under Star Makers’ name AND mokbang video added!), 600% (Glow in the dark Stellar logo bracelet added!), and 700% (Fans gift a day off to Stellar! -Send Stellar shopping!).

Totaling 493 backers have funded the project and they’re currently sitting at around $64,000 raised which is 770% over their goal. It might sounds a lot but they’re not done as they have three more stretch goals they would like to achieve. These include: 800% (Unreleased Stellar group photo print added! + 1 Photo Postcard Calendar!), 900% (Ga-Young’s Composed Track added as Bonus Track!), and finally 1000% (Stellar Comeback Ad in Subway Stations in Korea! – Will proceeded during their Comeback season).

The crowdfunding project will end on March 22 and fans have still around 24 days left to try to reach 1000%.