Just recently, there was an incident when fire at a hotel in Taipei angered ELFs as Kyuhyun was left alone in the building while the staff members evacuated. During their evacuation, the staff member drank coffee at ‘Starbucks’ and even posted on their Instagram accounts. Their “careless” actions led to fury. 

There were a lot of criticism against the staff, then Kyuhyun need to speak up in defense. However, the staff members continuously receiving so much negative criticism from his fans. Some fans even took their anger out on the staffs’ personal SNS accounts. Then with the flooded criticisms received, Kyuhyun’s manager with the Instagram ID virtus_of_dragon shut down his account. 

Netizens said that the last post they saw from the manager was ‘liked’ before deactivating his account was a post with the statement, “I’m extremely mad but I’ll hold back”