Sidus HQ released the behind-the-scenes cuts of Uhm Ki Joon shooting for “Defendant” on February 21.

Uhm Ki Joon who portrays the character of Cha Min Ho, an evil man who is willing to take any measures to get what he wants.

His sinister acting brought down viewers’ into chill in every episode. While behind the camera, he makes a complete turn from his villainous role and shows his cute side by showing a “V” sign and demonstrating finger hearts at the camera.

In addition to, according to reports, the “Defendant” staff and crew are calling him the official cutie at the filming site, thanks to his funny jokes and adorable facial expressions.

In the meantime, on the previous episode of “Defendant,” Jung Woo (Ji Sung) and Min Ho (Uhm Ki Joon) expressed strong tension as they started sharing the same prison cell.

“Defendant” airs every Monday and Tuesday.