During the latest episode of ‘Jung Dae Man’ which features groups TEEN TOP and B.A.P in shooting game ‘Overwatch’, the 1st team round with Niel & Chunji vs. Youngjae and Jongup comes to a close, with TEEN TOP hardly pulling the win against B.A.P!

In the round 1 of the team fight having gone to TEEN TOP, the players made a decision to use the ‘Himchan chance’, or the chance to give TEEN TOP somewhat a disadvantage by putting Himchan, the least experienced player of all, in their team.

Himchan and Ricky joined together to form B.TOP, going up against B.A.P’s Youngjae and Jongup in team battle on round 2! Having fully equipped with Ricky’s support skills, B.TOP showed and proved themselves to be a formidable match, but both teams were still flooding with sweat on their palms throughout the entire round!

Back on their sits, Niel and Chunji did their best coaching job to Himchan, Chunji even lending Himchan his account (consisting of the ‘golden weapon’ Soldier 76), but Himchan unfortunately, wasn’t going to get better in the blink of an eye. In order to make up for Himchan’s weaknesses, Ricky brought out his best character, Tracer, to Youngjae and Jongup’s dismay.

Which team won in round 2, do you know? Watch out for the team battles.