It was recently reported that BTS has become the first Korean artist to enter the Billboard’s main album chart for the sixth time!

“YOU NEVER WALK ALONE” the title off their new album is No. 151 on the Billboard 200 chart. Last week they ranked in the 61st place and the group has remained on the chart for a second week in a row.
In December 2015, their album which is entitled “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2” got No. 171 in ranking. Right after that , their album “Young Forever” got 107th place in May 2016. Then followed by their album “WINGS” got 26th place and 106th place last October. And finally, their most recent album “YOU NEVER WALK ALONE” has received 61st and 151st place. This summing up to charting on the Billboard 200 six different times.

Currently, BTS is the only Korean artist to have achieved this goal.

Moreover, BTS charted on Billboard Canada’s Hot 100 chart with “Not Today” at No. 77 and “Spring Day” at No. 100. They also ranked on first place with “Not Today” and second with “Spring Day” on the World Digital Song chart while also being No. 1 on the Social 50 chart last week.

With all of these achievements seems not enough, “YOU NEVER WALK ALONE” got third place on the World Album Chart and their previous album “WINGS” remains in 12th place which means “WINGS” has stayed on the chart for 20 consecutive weeks.

Congratulations to BTS to a job well done.