2PM members Nichkhun and Chansung to appear as guest on JTBC’s ‘This Is My Home’!

Set to air on March 17, the idols will be helping out actor Lee Jung Jin in building a home for the less fortunate.

Nichkhun and Chansung said, “We are here to support and help our dear friend Lee Jung Jin.” Apart from their ‘Beast-dol’ nicknames, however, the boys started with a rough start as they struggled with shoveling. Both Chansung and Lee Jung Jin shared their strong muscles striving to move a huge stone, but ultimately failed.

In the meantime, Nichkhun, who is into the group’s designing the logo and even debuted as a handbag designer, went ahead to draw for the family. But while in the midst of his artistic creation, he suddenly stopped and said, “Is this be broadcast? Please cancel it out,” unable to hide his embarrassed expression.

After hearing this, his fellow companions Chansung and Lee Jung Jin entered on to the scene to help out. However, after seeing his drawing, the two men turned their backs burst out laughing hysterically.

Wonder what Nichkhun drew? Stay tuned for the next episode of JTBC’s ‘This Is My Home’ on March 17!