90’s stars Lee Ji Hye and Cool member Yuri appeared as guests on tvN’s variety show’Taxi’ on March 8, where they discussed about their former days.

Is there any possibility for 1st generation group S#arp to be reunited, MC questioned them and Lee Ji Hye commented, “Jang Suk Hyun and I are the only ones considering it.” Yuri added, “Since both Seo Ji Young and Chris are already married now and have families, only the remaining singles are thinking about it carefully.”

Lee Ji Hye then said, “It’s not like we just disbanded so…” Yuri commented, “The two women looks like to be on good in terms now.”

During their popular years 90s and early 2000s, co-ed group S#arp had allegedly parted ways due to the two female members’ internal conflicts.