Plan A Entertainment revealed on March 17 about A Pink’s upcoming comeback

It was reported earlier that after member Eunji’s solo album is set for April, it will be followed by A Pink to make a group comeback. The reports also referenced leader Chorong’s comments from their concert in December, when she told fans, “Our comeback plans will be in the first half [of 2017] and once in the second half. We will put combine our thoughts together and try to return as soon as possible next year.”

In response Plan A stated that,”There’s no confirmation yet regarding A Pink’s comeback in the second half of the year. There has been no music production work so far but the members always brought up their group comeback. However, since Eunji’s comeback has already been confirmed, we will focus on her solo album for now.”

The industry insiders also presumed that many celebrities, including A Pink, will try to avoid the upcoming presidential election set for May 9.