Baek Ye Rin uploaded a lengthy message on her Instagram on March 7 together with the screenshots of the malicious message she received.

The negative messages targeted Baek Ye Rin for her recent dating rumors, popularity, and more. Part of the hateful messages stated, “You think you’re somebody because you’re under a big agency but stop thinking that you’re like as other musicians. You would’ve been a nobody if it weren’t for your label”, “You hit on all the guys and made it so obvious that you are dating but didn’t confirm it lol you’re so funny”, and more.

As her response to the nasty messages, Baek Ye Rin stated that she’ll be decreasing SNS activities.

She also explained, “It saddens me that these things worry my fans rather than focusing on the good things. I appreciate the concern telling me how to handle with it and also with the encouragements but still, I can’t take it any longer.”

Finally, Baek Ye Rin declared, “I plan not to upload any private posts except the ones about an important schedule, official events, etc. But still, I will go live often. Let’s meet frequently for good things! Thank you, you guys~”